The restoration


The restoration made by "maestri trullari"

The restoration of Trulli Paparale

The Trulli Paparale are in all their splendour today after long and accurate restoration works. Two years ago this place was in architectural decay. Both the trulli and the double trullo stay unusable. Hence the decision of restoration to bring to light an important part of Alberobello architectural heritage. The works lasted two years and reported the old stone house, watching the special "double trullo" Paparale, at its former glory. The works of restoration, designed by the architect Vito Antonio Leo, supervised by the building surveyor Francesco Baldini, and architect Salvatore Perrini as consultant, were made by local workers who are great experts of the territory and of the know-how related to the care and restoration of trulli. First quality building materials and state-of-the-art technologies were used, from the restoration of the cones, hand made by the “maestri trullari”, up to the terracing of the land surrounding our home holiday.